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With international partnerships and local support, Sabas Music is available to help musicians make a living by doing what they love. We prepare you for all the DIY platforms like CDBaby, IMusics, Distrokid, and Bandcamp. Don't get on these platforms blindly and get lost in the crowd!

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How to make money playing music on a Monday morning

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It is possible!

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Why Music?

I play music because I learned early on that life is short and I want to spend it doing what I love.

Jennifer's Music Website

My reaction when things get hard in life....I choose to spend every day being happy by doing what I love to do. I have recorded 7 albums and 7 singles which has awarded me numorous recognitions such as 'Celtic Album of the Year' (Celtic Music Radio) and nominations for 'Best New Female Artist' (Cammy Awards) and 'Trad album of the Year' (Trad Connect). Most importantly I get to do what I love every day and make money doing it. I can teach you how to do it too.

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Jenny Carrere


Singer / songwriter from the United States. Jenny has a passion for the music business as an independent artist ( She also loves coffee, Scotland, Ireland, North Caorlina and her current home in Brazil!

The Future of Music Business (Berklee School of Music), Graphic Design, Web Design and Development Certification (Normandale Univeristy), BA in Music (East Carolina Univeristy), How to Make Money in the Music Business (Ari Herstand).

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Mauricio Cajueiro


He worked for 10 years in Los Angeles as an audio engineer, musician and producer with some of the biggest names in world music.
He studied music at the Colorado School of Music in Denver, CO and Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) in Los Angeles, CA, where he also majored in Sound Engineering and Music Production by the University of California (UCLA).

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Rodrigo Andrade


Rodrigo Andrade is a young music producer, audio engineer and musician. With just 24 years old, he has studied at renowned schools such as the Conservatório de Tatuí, Berklee College of Music, and various music/audio courses in Brazil.

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Roberto Galian


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Jose Lemos